[Gtk-sharp-list] Two hopefully simple questions

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Fri Apr 20 11:48:44 EDT 2007

> 1. I want to render an adress form inside a table but for the case:
> Street + House Nr.   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxx
> Postcode + City       xxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> I'm not getting nice results. I want to have one column with the labels and 
> probably only a second for all the Entry fields. But in those two cases I 
> need to have some container which allows me to put in two entries which then 
> get different sizes. I couldn't find one.

Would a VBox with an HBox in every row do this?

> 2. About the famous ListStore. ;-)
> I want to display a tree of items and for the leaves I need buttons which 
> trigger certain actions. Since one part of the action will be to remove the 
> corrospondig leaf a RadioButton or ToggleButton cell renderer doesn't really 
> help me. What I'd like to have is normal Button with only an image inside. Do 
> I have to write my own CellRenderer for this and where can I find 
> documentation on this?

You could just put the image in with a pixbuf and then capture the
clicks in the tree, and if they clicked on the row/column containing the
pixbuf act like it is a button.
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