[Gtk-sharp-list] Failing to use Gtk# on windows

Chris Lee chris at lee-gertner.net
Thu Apr 19 12:07:11 EDT 2007

A followup:

On Linux, I recompiled with mcs instead of gmcs, used gtk-sharp-1.0.
Runs OK on Linux, but crashes in the same place in Windows (in unmanaged
code, in show-all).

On Windows, I installed Gtk# for .Net using Paco's installer (from
Novell Forge), and recompiled the code in MS .Net 2003.  When I run, I
get an error about not being able to find the pango-sharp (or a
dependency) when the code first tries to get a pango-context.  I
recompiled using .Net 2003 and Gtk#-2, and I get an error about not
being able to find gtk-sharp (or a dependency).  I re-ran the script in
the Gtk# for .Net directory that adds things to the GAC, but it didn't


 gacco -q "pango-sharp"

reports a location for pango-sharp.dll which seems OK (it has the dll
and a file __AssemblyInfo__.ini).

I'm not sure what else I can do....

On Wed, 2007-04-18 at 18:04 -0400, Chris Lee wrote:
> I'm now trying to get a smaller program running with Gtk# on windows, a
> simple graphing widget (I was using NPlot-gtk-, but it wasn't
> working on Windows due to calls to gdk_x11_*).  I'm trying to do very
> simple stuff, and for now compiling with mono-1.2.3 on linux using gtk#
> 1.0 and then running the .exe with mono-1.2.3 on windows.
> I'm getting a crash in unmanaged call gtk_widget_show_all() right after
> I make my widgets, when I call ShowAll on my top-level window, before
> the program gets to Application.Run().
> I'm using no threads now, but I am compiling with gmcs.  I'm using .Net
> 2.0 only for the generics.
> Is using gmcs my problem?  Is this not yet stable with Gtk# on windows?

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