[Gtk-sharp-list] NodeStore/NodeView & filters

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Tue Apr 3 16:59:07 EDT 2007

> Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
> > Do I need to recode everything as a ListStore?
> Well, that's what I ended up doing in a similar situation. TreeView is a 
> bitch to work with but it gives you much more flexibility.

Yep,  I've started recording it.

Here is a related question -  I have a ListStore(typeOf(Task)) which
Task is a class specific to the application.  The TreeView then has
render methods for each column to get data from the Task object.  But in
the filter can I access the Task object like I can from a
TreeView/NodeView Selection?  I need to filter (in part) based upon a
method in the Task object, and not on a value as it is displayed in the
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