[Gtk-sharp-list] OnMotionEvent question...

Frank Ramsay fjramsay1234 at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 24 07:16:27 EDT 2006

I have  a custom widged (derived from gtk.button) and I'm seeing something 
that seems strange.

The OnMotionEvent only seems to be triggered when there is a second mouse 
event happening, ie on a click, enter, leave (only if button depressed), 
How do I get notified of all mouse movement when the mouse is in the widget?

you can see this behavior with this:

    public class testButton: Gtk.Button
    	public testButton() : base ("")
    		this.Events = Gdk.EventMask.AllEventsMask;
    	protected override bool OnMotionNotifyEvent(Gdk.EventMotion evnt)
			this.Label = string.Format("X:{0} Y:{1}",evnt.X, evnt.Y);
			return false;


Frank J. Ramsay
fjramsay1234 at hotmail.com

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