[Gtk-sharp-list] gapi2-codegen Interface problem

Mario Fuentes mario.lists at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 06:58:03 EDT 2006


I'm preparing mono bindings for GooCanvas, and it have a problem:

GooCanvasItem is an Interface with a readonly property called "Model"
and GooCanvasGroup a class implementing the interface, this class also
have a method called "set_model" (in C).  The codegen interpreting the
situation like this:

class Goo.CanvasGroup : GLib.Object, Goo.CanvasItem {
    // The readonly property from CanvasItem
    public Goo.CanvasModel Model {
        get { ... }

    // the goo_canvas_group_set_model method interpretation
    public Goo.CanvasModel Model {
        set { ... }

Please, if any have a idea for fix the problem, It will be appreciated.


Mario Fuentes

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