[Gtk-sharp-list] multiple row drag and drop treeview

Michael Quinn mikeq at wam.umd.edu
Sat Sep 16 21:22:56 EDT 2006

So, I catch the ButtonPressEvent for my TreeView and set args.RetVal to
true.  This prevents the default handler from being called when the user
clicks on the listview to drag multiple rows.  I manually initiate a
Drag operation, and dragging multiple rows around works just fine.

My problem is that I have some CellRenderers that sometimes need to
capture clicks (CellRendererToggle).  The way I've implemented multiple
row drag/drop prevents this click signal from being sent to the renderer
if you click on a currently selected row.  Is there any way to get the
renderer behind a click and send the signal to it?  Any ideas on how to
fix this?

-Mike Quinn

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