[Gtk-sharp-list] setting combobox from gconf value

Rob Brown-Bayliss uncertain.genius at gmail.com
Sat Sep 9 19:47:16 EDT 2006


I am using monodevelop and stetic to build an app.

I have some comboboxes, with the text entered in the gui designer of
monodevelop.  When the app starts I want to set tyhe vlaues from a key
in gconf, and I assume I have to do this with combobbox.SetActiveIter.

But first I need to know the iter I want, and as far as I can see
there is no way to get a list of iters from the widget.

I have seen some examples using liststores etc, but once again I cant
see a way to get the liststore of a combobox built with stetic.

Any ideas or examples?



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