[Gtk-sharp-list] Field members in gtk#

Cezary Zawadzki czarekzaw at wp.pl
Wed Nov 29 17:36:31 EST 2006

  My name is Czarek and I'm from Poland.
  I've decided to write to you, because I really don't know
  where to find a good tutorial about gtk#. There are programs
  only for a console, but I couldn't find for windows.
  I tried to write a simple window program, but
  I really don't know how to use members. For example
  I added two buttons and one label. Then i wanted to change a text
  in the label (in windows: this.label1.text=...), but
  i didn't find a member "label1". Please help me (if you can).

  best regards
  here is my e-mail: czarekzaw at wp.pl

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