[Gtk-sharp-list] How to change theme settings?

David Philippi listen at torangan.de
Fri Nov 24 06:07:40 EST 2006

Am Freitag 24 November 2006 11:51 schrieben Sie:
> If you want to use a specific theme just for your application and not
> change the users' default theme then you must write your own resource
> file and in your program do something like:

Now this sounds like what I need. If I understand correctly I can use this 
method to overwrite a subset of the system wide rc file which is only valid 
for my application? If so it'd be exactly what I need.
I realize of course that I restrict the choice of users when doing this but in 
this case it doesn't matter much. I only need to overwrite the button icon 
section because I've got text buttons where the icon within conveys 
additional meaning. Obviously there are other means to display the same 
information, it's just that this particular solution works very well in my 
case. It's a university project and my tutor is in favor of this idea as 

Bye David

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