[Gtk-sharp-list] How to change theme settings?

David Philippi listen at torangan.de
Fri Nov 24 05:29:51 EST 2006

Am Freitag 24 November 2006 00:05 schrieben Sie:
> There is an application that ships with the Mono Installer for Windows
> as well as with the Gtk# Installer for .NET that allows you to change
> the default Windows theme that is the culprit of you not seeing your
> icons on the buttons of your app.  In a worst case scenario you could to
> %GTK_BASEPATH%\etc\gtk-2.0\gtkrc file and remove the line that specifies
> the theme.

If found that application and changing the theme does indeed give me the icons 
back. But if I want to convey meaning through the icons in a button I can't 
very well tell everyone to change their default theme. From what I gathered 
it should be possible to change this from within my application through an 
API call but gtk# simply doesn't provide it. If this information is correct 
I'd like to know wheter there's a reasoning behind it. I for one would be 
much happier if I could use some API from within my application to change it 
just for this program. It's obvious that one shouldn't change the theme 
settings done by the user lightly but if it's required for an application it 
should be possible. If I do it without good reason people might be annoyed 
with the program and use something else but that'd be my problem alone. I 
can't see any reason why gtk# shouldn't offer me this possibility except that 
nobody had the time and need to code those API calls yet. In this case I can 
only hope that this changes soon and exploit workarounds.

Bye David

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