[Gtk-sharp-list] TreeView Pixbuff and Text Cell packing

Draek draekz at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 12:40:34 EST 2006

When I change the size of a pixbuf in a Cell within a TreeView, the
adjacent cells do not resize at all for me. I've set the packing
property of the text cell to expand, but it doesn't expand pushing the
pixbuf cell back.

Example: If i take a pixbuf, and set its size (or change the pixbuf, to
a smaller one) the text cell doesn't move back.

Step 1: Set the pixbuf 16x16 image, text is hugging right next to it.


Step 2: Set the pixbuf to a larger 48x48, text moves to the right.


Step 3: Set the pixbuf back to 16x16, text doesn't move back!
[Pixbuf]    [Text------------------->]

I hope i made sense there... If anyone has any ideas? (other than
setting the cell dimensions, which doesn't work)



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