[Gtk-sharp-list] Apps not responsive on Windows

xiii29 at free.fr xiii29 at free.fr
Mon Nov 20 07:23:39 EST 2006


I’ve got trouble with Gtk# on Windows. I’ve following the tutorial here
(http://www.mono-project.com/Responsive_Applications) in order to manager
refresh of my interface.

//This method handles a event from a background tak which is executed after
Timer.Elasped event :
private void gereMiseAJour(object source, MiseAJourEventArgs args)
      Debug.WriteLine(" gereMiseAJour ... ", DebugLevel.Information);
      this._obj = args;
      if (this._delMiseAJour != null)

// The delegate I’m using in the Gtk.Application.Invoke
private EventHandler _delMiseAJour;

// Which is declared in the constructor
this._delMiseAJour = new EventHandler(this.miseAJour);

// Here is the code in the miseAJour function
private void miseAJour(object sender, EventArgs args)
      if (this._obj != null)
            Debug.WriteLine(" MainWindow.miseAJour : " + this._obj.ToString(),
            this._lblTexte1.LabelProp = "<b>" + this._obj.Texte1 + "</b>"
            Debug.WriteLine(" MainWindow.miseAJour : " +
this._lblTexte1.get_Text(), DebugLevel.Information);

As you can see the principe is :
-1- Get the event from the background and store the parameter,
-2- If delegate not null ==> call it threw Gtl.Application.Invoke,
-3- The delegate link to a methode that use the stored parameters to refresh the

It is working fine on Mono/Linux but on .Net/Windows, I have to select or
deselect the interface in order to make it refresh

There is a Debug.WriteLine in the miseAJour method. I can see in the trace that
méthod is execute only when I do an action on the window ...

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