[Gtk-sharp-list] Pango Markup Parsing

Draek draekz at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 09:09:37 EST 2006

Hello Folks!

I'm having some issues in my application where I take a string that is
enterable by the user and may contain any characters. This string gets
parsed by the Pango Markup parser, and I have many errors based on what
string might be entered by the user.

Because of these errors, the strings that display to the markup
formatted label, gets displayed to the screen incorrectly and changes
randomly over mouseover because of the errors.

Gtk-WARNING **: Failed to set text from markup due to error parsing
markup: Error on line 1: Character ' ' is not valid at the start of an
entity name; the & character begins an entity; if this ampersand isn't
supposed to be an entity, escape it as &

There are many of these errors that show different errors for different
characters, from '#' to '@' to '<' and more.

Is there a way of creating a string that will "EXCLUDE" a certain rango
within a Markup = true set Gtk.Label?

Any help is very appreciated!


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