[Gtk-sharp-list] Gtk# Databindings

mlgs mlgs at arsis.net
Tue Nov 14 22:24:25 EST 2006

On Tue, 2006-11-14 at 18:40 -0600, Daniel Espinosa wrote:
> Have you considered use the GnomeDB Datawidgets?

Nope, not even for one second.

Few reasons why:
- Not portable, mine are
- Database specific only, mine are not. And I don't even need Database
bindings personally (database implementation will be following simply
"because I can")
- Not flexible enough, live data-form relationship is not possible as
far as I looked. You should read my paper if you don't know what I mean
or look at my sample
- Implementation and usage are far too complex
- usage of special controls. I don't. Or at least change from original
is a few liner.

Not to bash them, but they simply aren't usable for most of my cases.
And major trouble with Bindings is that people instantly think "Aha,
database", data is far more than just database.

> It has GDA as the Data Access Framework in the Beta2 stage, and had a
> C# bindings that need some Fixes, I'll try to make them work and seems
> it is working, for libgnomedb I have some issues in the init.

It is always nice to have more options than just one. I for one wouldn't
like to see Delphi like data<->form relationship once more in my life
(as a quick solution rocks, but for a long time solution sucks major),
as far as I read their papers they are exactly the same mistake as
Delphi ones (but then again, I could be wrong, misread their paper or
they could be just THE greatest thing since sliced bread). 

Hey, this is the beauty of OSS. Freedom of choice.

But as far as databases are in question I plan to abstract them with
Lists and ProxyLists (in my head they are somewhere month or so away).
This way working with database is abstracted to data only, form should
just follow the data, no matter if this is a simple object or DataRow
from DB.

> Get them from the CVS at cvs.gnome.org, more info in www.gnome-db.org

Nah, as I said I already looked at them and I won't bother, but still
thanks for this info.


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