[Gtk-sharp-list] DrawingArea - allocating needed space

Piotr Zurek p.zurek at gmail.com
Fri Nov 10 16:19:09 EST 2006

White Spirit wrote:

> If you're able to move the drawn elements, another possibility is to 
> destroy the drawing area and recreate it with the new dimensions, and 
> then redraw from your starting point.  

Well, it's a kind of what I've been planning to do but I thought there 
may be a slicker way. If I want to move everything I have to recalculate 
  positions of all elements and that costs time.

> Assuming you're using a 
> Gdk.Pixmap, it'll be a simple matter of displaying the contents again.

Actually, I'm using Cairo to draw in the DrawingArea and that is one of 
the reasons why I'm trying to keep it as slick as possible elsewhere.


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