[Gtk-sharp-list] RFC: programming with stetic and seperate data model

Fabian Sturm f at rtfs.org
Wed Nov 8 18:06:36 EST 2006

Dear gtk# community!

I just really started learning gtk# and wanted to figure out the best
practices. Therefore I jumped right into the development with
monodevelop and stetic. 

But since I am a novice I would greatly appreciate if some of you  could
look at my code and comment on it.

I am interested in comments of any sort. Especially
 - coding style 
 - class structure
 - gtk# and stetic specific handling

The app is a simple filecard learning tool where I tried to separate the
data from the gui handling. This lead to quite difficult code in the
notifications between the data model and the ui with which I am not
really happy. I hope someone can enlighten me how this could be done
easier (without mixing the data with the gui).

Thanks a lot in advance!

And here is a link to the app:


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