[Gtk-sharp-list] app runs on windows, not on linux

Travis Staloch twostepted at yahoo.com
Mon May 15 01:27:15 EDT 2006


I've been writing to mono-list at ximian.com about this
without any conclusive info thus far.  Please forgive
me it this is a cross-post as I've written pretty much
the same things there.  

I wrote a (hopefully) cross-platform scipted installer
application using glade on my windows box.  The app
runs fine on that platform.  It was build with the csc
compiler using visual studio 2003 and then all the
files were copied over to my FC5 box.  I did the same
with another non-gui app and had no problems.  

Here is the error message that I get:
Gtk-WARNING **: Failed to set label from markup due to
error parsing markup: Error on line 4 char 6: '0' is
not a valid character following a '<' character; it
may not begin an element name

It sounds to me like I'm passing some bad markup to
one of the glade labels.  I've validated my .glade
project file and also my app's xml config file which
contains some of the labels' text.  

I thought that this might be an encoding problem where
my xml file was saved with a funny encoding.  I tried
to resave the xml files.  I also thought that somehow
I'm getting bad characters passed to one of the glade
labels.  I'm doing some search & replace in the config
file, replacing a few variables which can appear in
the xml content.  

Does any of this ring a bell with anyone?

Regards, Thanks,


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