[Gtk-sharp-list] ComboBoxEntry TextColumn

Jorge Cabello jorge at aspl.es
Mon May 8 13:55:47 EDT 2006


Im having a problem with ComboBoxEntry Class:
I have a ComboBoxEntry created with LibGlade. Im trying to set a Model
and the TextColumn from which it has to get the string to show. Heres
the code:

    ListStore store = new ListStore (typeof(int), typeof(string));
    store.AppendValues (1, "Test"); 
    Combo1.Model = store;
    Combo1.TextColumn = 1;

Combo1 is declared as: [Widget] Gtk.ComboBoxEntry Combo1;

When I run this code I get the following error:
Gtk:proc 18803(critical): gtk_combo_box_entry_set_text_column: assertion
`entry_box->priv->text_column == -1' failed

Can anyone help me?

I have tested to create the ComboBoxEntry without using the TextColumn
attribute and it runs fine.

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