[Gtk-sharp-list] gnome-sharp and glade-sharp on win32 problem

Alessandro Lendaro lendaro at basic.net
Wed Mar 22 10:59:20 EST 2006

Hello. I'm playin with the code of GnomeSubtitles 
(http://gnome-subtitles.blogspot.com) on win32.

It seems glade-sharp on win32 isn't able to recognize the gnome widgets 
in the glade xml file like this one:

<widget class="GnomeApp" id="mainWindow">

When the code executes a line like this:

treeView = (TreeView)GetWidget(WidgetNames.SubtitleView);

the returned treeView is null, and that causes a crash 

Is this a limitation of Glade under Win32? Opening the glade file with 
Glade-2 of latest mono release
seems to confirm this, since i don't see the widgets there neither.

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