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Mario Carrión mario.carrion at gmail.com
Sun Mar 19 18:36:42 EST 2006

Recently I've been writing a container using Gtk.Layout with the idea of
using, in the MonoUML project, as diagramming canvas, the point is when
a second widget is added "covers" others widgets that are same position,
however I'm wondering is there any way to bring the covered widget to

In the following sample, imagine I want to bring b1 to front.

using Gtk;
using System;

public class Sample
        public static void Main ()
                Application.Init ();
                Window window = new Window ("");
                Layout layout = new Layout (new Adjustment
                                        new Adjustment (IntPtr.Zero));
                Button b1 = new Button ("1");
                Button b2 = new Button ("2");
                layout.Put (b1, 10, 20);
                layout.Put (b2, 15, 15);
                ScrolledWindow scrolled = new ScrolledWindow ();
                scrolled.AddWithViewport (layout);
                window.Add (scrolled);
                window.ShowAll ();
                Application.Run ();

Mario Carrión <mario.carrion at gmail.com>

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