[Gtk-sharp-list] Convert Strings

Jorge Monsalvo jm_tecno2002 at yahoo.com.ar
Fri Mar 17 02:14:06 EST 2006


	First of all, excuse me if this question is from a newbie, but I can
finish my application without an answer.
	I'm working on a Windows application with glade#(gtk#), .NET
Framework 2.0 and MySQL 5.0. My main language is Spanish (excuse my english)
and all the data in tables are in spanish. 
The problem I have is to convert string from data in MySQL tables to show in
TreeView or Text Entrys because the special characters we have in spanish
(ñ, á, ó, ¿, and others). When I create a query inside the MySQL application
I can see the strings with the right symbols, but when I make the query from
my GTK# application I get other characters that have no relation with the
real ones.
	I was trying a solution with System.Text.Encoding class methods but
I have different results (chinese characters, characters that desappear, and
	Can somebody point me to the right direction to get a function to
use?. I remember that in C with plain gtk I used "g_locale_from_utf8"
function, but I can't find something like that in Gtk#.

Thanks to you all


Jorge Monsalvo

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