[Gtk-sharp-list] Overriding or new handler

Jonathan Gilbert 2a5gjx302 at sneakemail.com
Fri Mar 10 20:24:56 EST 2006

At 12:21 PM 10/03/2006 -0600, Mike Kestner wrote:
>updated.  There are no guarantees that your event handler will run first
>even though it is added to the event before any user handlers.  That's
>the nature of .Net events.

This is untrue. Events are defined by the standards in terms of delegates,
specifically with the default add_ and remove_ events invoking the delegate
add & remove operations, and delegate add & remove operations guarantee the
order of tems in the invocation list.

See page 378 of:


(the page is labelled "358", but, at least in my PDF viewer, it is the
378th page, and the 2nd page after the 22.1 section header)

Jonathan Gilbert

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