[Gtk-sharp-list] Need help with a layout problem...

Crucius, Wesley WCrucius at sandc.com
Wed Mar 8 11:42:27 EST 2006


I'm trying to implement a Gtk#  (using Glade#) app where re-sizing the
main window simply re-scales the location (but not the size) of all the
child widgets within the window.  Maybe a better way to describe what I
want would be to say I want a control that behaves like a Gtk.Fixed
except that the coordinates of the widgets within are specified as a
percentage of the size of the Gtk.Fixed (call it Gtk.Scaled) container,
instead of truly "fixed" pixel coordinates.  It's also sort of like an
Gtk.Alignment that can hold multiple child widgets and where Xscale and
Yscale are set to zero.  I have managed to implement something close to
the behavior that I want with a series of Gtk.Hbox, Gtk.Vbox, and
Gtk.Table widgets, where the Gtk.Table widgets contain a confusing
combination of Gtk.Fixed widgets and the actual Gtk.Frame widgets that
I'm trying to dynamically re-position.

Note that this is somewhat of a re-statement of a previously asked
question, now that I understand a bit better how Gtk works...

Wes Crucius
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