[Gtk-sharp-list] ui Xml problem

Kevin Knoop kevinknoop at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 04:41:42 EST 2006

I want to have a button on a toolbar with a dropdown arrow that pops up a
menu. Here is my Xml:

        "<ui>" +
        "  <toolbar name='Toolbar'>" +
        "       <toolitem action='Connect'>" +
            "      <menu action='OpenMenu'>"+
             "        <menuitem action='FirstServerConnect'/>"+
            "      </menu>"+
        "        </toolitem>"+
        "  </toolbar>" +

Keep getting (<unknown>:2452): Gtk-CRITICAL **:
gtk_menu_tool_button_set_menu: assertion `GTK_IS_MENU_TOOL_BUTTON (button)'

Seems the ui manager is creating a ToolButton and not a MenuToolButton.
Using latest GTK# on windows.
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