[Gtk-sharp-list] glade# on windows problems

Victor Rafael Rivarola Soerensen (FANATICO y LOCO por Cristo) vrrivaro at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 20:52:53 EST 2006


2006/3/2, Grant Goodyear <grant at grantgoodyear.org>:

> From the mono command prompt:
> c:\project3> mono focus.exe <-- works perfectly

No wonder, you rurn focus.exe under Mono.

> c:\project3> focus.exe
> Unhandled Exception: Glade.HandlerNotFoundException: No handler
> on_entry1_focus_out_event found for signal focus_out_event

To be expected, here you are running focus.exe under MS .NET without
properly installing Gtk# and Glade#.

> From a "normal" command prompt:
> c:\project3> focus.exe
> <<unknown>:2412>: Pango-WARNING **: No builtin or dynamically loaded
> modules were found. Pango will not work correctly.  This probably means
> there was an error in the creation of:
>  'd:\GtkRun\2.8\etc\pango\pango.modules'
> [more snipped]

Now, besides using the wrong framewok, you are running focus.exe under
.NET after placing *some* Mono compiled stuff into your environment,
which is of course incorrect. That's why you get those strange looking

If you want your app running on MS .NET, install Gtk# and rest of the
required assemblies correctly into the GAC:
http://forge.novell.com/modules/xfmod/project/?gtks-inst4win .

Jesus bless you,

Víctor Rafael Rivarola

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