[Gtk-sharp-list] Using GTK# on MS Windows and Linux. Questions from a Mono newbie.

Francisco T. Martinez martinf at mfconsulting.com
Thu Mar 2 22:55:10 EST 2006

Redefined Horizons wrote:

>Here are my questions:
>How do you use Glade to design GTK# applications?

>Is the Glade XML file simply parsed and the approporiate source code created?
>If this is true, what utility performs this function?
There is a .NET/Mono library assembly called glade-sharp.dll that has 
bindings to the unmanaged library called libglade.dll.  This is what 
permits the runtime interpretation of a *.glade file (an XML document) 
to render GUI controls and objects (widgets).

>Can this be done with Visual Basic .NET on Mono, or is GUI design with
>Glade only supported for C#?
Yes.  If you install the Gtk# Installer for .NET Framework SDK and the 
presence of Visual Studio .NET 2003 is detected during the install, a 
VB.NET project template to create Glade# applications will be added to 
your system.  I must point out, that VB.NET expertise is not the mono 
community specialty.

>How does GTK# work, and how is it related to GTK+?
GTK+ is a graphical user interphase toolkit that has been ported to 
Windows and other platforms.  GTK+ is unmanaged by designed.  Gtk# is a 
collection of wrapper functionality and other improvements based on GTK 
but that in turns presents a managed framework that facilitiates the use 
of GTK on .NET/Mono applications.

Hope this helps a little.


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