[Gtk-sharp-list] Context (popup) menus, Widget.PopupMenu and treeviews

Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 13:33:52 EDT 2006

Have you tried to test it by pressing Shift-F10, when the treeview has
the focus?

See http://developer.gnome.org/doc/API/2.0/gtk/gtk-migrating-checklist.html#checklist-popup-menu
for some details, on how to make PopupMenu/Key Binding/Clicks match
(sorry it is C, but can be adapted to C#, I think)


On 6/28/06, Jon García de Salazar Bilbao <j.garcia at ziv.es> wrote:
> Thanks Carlos and Rafael.
> Well, I've tried...
> PopupMenu += new PopupMenuHandler(ProjectTreePopupMenu);
> [GLib.ConnectBefore]
>         public void ProjectTreePopupMenu(object o, PopupMenuArgs args)
>         {
>             Console.WriteLine(":TODO: launch popup menu");
>         }
> ...but it doesn't seem to work.
> I've also tried to override the default method and it doesn't work either.
> protected override bool OnPopupMenu()
>         {
>             Console.WriteLine(":TODO: launch popup menu");
>             return base.OnPopupMenu();
>         }
> I have no clue.
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