[Gtk-sharp-list] Dynamically inserting widgets

JimD Jim at keeliegirl.dyndns.org
Sat Jun 24 09:59:23 EDT 2006

Is there a way to dynamically insert widgets at runtime with Gtk# when 
using Stetic?

For example, with MD and Stetic I made a window with a VBox that has 
three areas/containers (what is the correct term for those in Gtk?). 
The first and last area/container I have added widgets while the middle 
one is empty.  At runtime I want to dynamically create a widget and 
insert it into the middle.  I only see a PackStart() and PackEnd() for VBox.

The main thing I am looking to do is place a custom widget (the one that 
Peter sent as a Boo example) on a window.  I don't see anywhere in 
MD/Stetic to add a custom widget or to use a placeholder and replace it.


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