[Gtk-sharp-list] GooCanvas#

Mario Fuentes mario.lists at gmail.com
Tue Jul 11 01:26:12 EDT 2006


I get the sources of the GtkSharp C# generator and debugging this for
solve my Exception problem.  I find in the Property.cs line 108 this:

else if (implementor != null &&
implementor.Parent.GetPropertyRecursively (Name) != null)

This not check if implementor.Parent is null, and in this condition
gapi2-codegen crash with my bindings.  I add the validation:

else if (implementor != null && implementor.Parent != null &&
implementor.Parent.GetPropertyRecursively (Name) != null)

and now the gapi2-codegen complete the generation.  But I not sure if
this solution is Ok.  If any have a comment, please say it.

Other problem in the bindings are the Cairo parameters in many
methods.  I use Mono.Cairo for this values, but I don't know how pass
this to the native functions, because Cairo isn't GObject based.

Any ideas?

Mario Fuentes

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