[Gtk-sharp-list] PInvokeStackImbalance on EventExpose.Area

John McCabe john at assen.demon.co.uk
Fri Jul 7 16:33:40 EDT 2006


I've been through the archives and found a message about this issue, but it 
had no answer so I'm hoping that someone might be able to help now. 

Basically, with VS2005 when you try to get the Area attribute of the 
EventExpose event passed in to the Expose handler, a message is given that:

"A call to PInvoke function 'gdk-
sharp!Gdk.EventExpose::gtksharp_gdk_event_expose_get_area' has unbalanced 
the stack. This is likely because the managed PInvoke signature does not 
match the unmanaged target signature. Check that the calling convention and 
parameters of the PInvoke signature match the target unmanaged signature."

I'm a begineer to this stuff so I've no idea what I need to do to fix this, 
even if it's possible.

Can anyone suggest a solution?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards
John McCabe <john at assen.demon.co.uk>

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