[Gtk-sharp-list] Does exist a C# Wrapper for the GNode struct from GLib?

Mario Sánchez msanchez at igalia.com
Tue Jan 31 07:06:43 EST 2006

After trying to wrap a library using the GAPI parser, I realized that in
one of the GObject wrappers all the functions are wrapped except one,
which has got a prototype like this:

void f_do_barnacle_destroy_deep_barnacle_gnode(GNode** node);

After looking into the API xml file that was generated by the GAPI
parser, I can see that the function was found by it, as you can see

<method name="DestroyDeepBarnacleGnode"
cname="f_do_barnacle_destroy_deep_barnacle_gnode" shared="true">
  <return-type type="void" />
    <parameter type="GNode**" name="node" />

So I thinked about the problem was a missing included api when
generating the code (not in the parsing) but, after reviewing that it
seems that all apis are included, I decided to look into the
documentation and the source code of Gtk# and I found an interesting
thing: as there are C# wrappers for some GLib structs as GList or GSList
(Glib.List and Glib.SList classes), it seems that a wrapper for the
GNode Glib struct is not implemented yet into Gtk#.

My question is... is this true? There's not a wrapper for GNode yet? In
case of this to be true... How can I wrap a library which contains
functions using GNodes? Would be a good idea trying to implement a GNode
C# wrapper by myself or it's a better way to achieve this problem?



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