[Gtk-sharp-list] Making a CellRendererButton

László Monda mondalaci at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 19:22:32 EST 2006

Hi List,

I'd like to have a CellRendererButton CellRenderer.  I'd basically use
it to switch back and forth between two images in it.  I could use a
simple CellRendererPixbuf, of course (and I will if there are no other
ways), but I'd prefer a real button, because it'd emphasize the
interactive nature of the widget.

In the underlying TreeModel it'd have two enum values representing which
state is active at the moment of the two.

I'm aware of the CustomCellRenderer.cs example file in the Gtk#
distribution, but seeing its source I guess that making a
CellRendererButton is probably significantly cumbersome.

So all this boils down to the following questions I'm really interested

1) Is it possible to implement a CellRendererButton in GTK?

2) Is it possible to implement it purely in Gtk#?

3) How much work does it estimately involves?

Thanks everyone in advance!


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