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Wolfgang Mauer W.Mauer at top-soft.info
Sat Jan 21 12:24:37 EST 2006

Hi all,
i build a Reporttool (small and easy)
maybe this is useful for someboby.

I just use Glade to make a Window with a VBox that include a Fixed-Widget for 
each Header, detail, foot.
At the end it will be 3 Windows for First, N, LAST page

the coordinates are in pixel eg. i do not convert the pixel
if you place a label-widget at 100, 200 that will be
printed at 100 / (72 / 2.54) = 3.52777 cm!!!
so if you want to print the text of a label-widget at 5.0, 5.0 cm
that will be 5.0 * (72 / 2.54) = 141.732 pixel !!!

on each fixed you can place a label-widget and put some text on (include Pango 
if you want to use a database field just make a "[]" around your fieldname eg. 
i also try'd to myke some logical fields like {Date}, {Page}.
i think i need a parser.

for a sample just take a loot at the glade file and my source.

my class is very very small and easy.

to get this work i use the "try and error" method, so please forgive my 
coding. with no debugger on monodevelp and no working gtk on windows (need 
gtk-sharp 2.8 !!! to get the printng work) this is very hard.

So this is only the first cast


don't forget, this is only working(or not ;-)) with bootstrap-2.8 !!!!!!
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