[Gtk-sharp-list] BadFont for Gdk.Drawable.DrawText

Evgeny Pirogov pirogov.e at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 11:28:37 EST 2006

Hello. Please introduce work with Gdk.Drawable.DrawText if possible

I have simple problem with my Gtk application and Text Drawing. If I use
this code sample, then my program has been closed from X Window server :

Gtk.DrwawingArea area;


Gdk.GC gc = new Gdk.GC();
FontDescription.FromString("Sans")), gc, 0,0,"Hello");

Message from X Window server is : The programm <unknown> reised an X Window
System error. The error was "Bad Font (invalid font parameter)"

May by i need special changes for Gdk.GC before drawing ?
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