[Gtk-sharp-list] How to use coordinates?

Julien Sobrier julien at sobrier.net
Thu Jan 12 12:44:20 EST 2006

Felipe Almeida Lessa wrote:
> On 1/12/06, *Julien Sobrier* <julien at sobrier.net
> <mailto:julien at sobrier.net>> wrote:
>     I just have 1 more question: when I try to put a button widget on top of
>     a text box, th button is actually displayed under the text box. How can
>     I control which widget is displayed on top of the other(s)?
> Do you want to put a Button inside a TextView? If so, you can put
> arbitrary widgets inside the TextBuffer (e.g. within the text). Attached
> is a file from a project I have (http://mensagemweb.codigolivre.org.br/
> -- only in pt_BR, sorry) that puts Arrow s inside the TextBuffer,
> besides other things. It may interest you, speacilly the AddItem method.

I just wanted to try Gtk.Layout.Put(), and I choose arbitrary 2 widgets
(button and text box).

My goal is actually to display an image widget at a precise position in
a window.

Thank you

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