[Gtk-sharp-list] creating a context menu

Buddy Lindsey percent20 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 02:46:17 EST 2006

I am glad you mentioned something like that because I am in the works
currently putting together something a lot like that.  Please keep notes cuz
when we launch then it would be awesome if you could contribute.

Buddy Lindsey

Buddy Lindsey

On 1/8/06, Clark Endrizzi <cendrizzi at gmail.com> wrote:
> I think you're on to something.
> I've been searching around in the Tomboy code and I think I've almost
> figured it out.  In the widget class, which is inhereted by a lot of
> stuff, there is the event PopupMenu.  That I believe is the key, but
> when I assign a function to it and do a simple Console.Write to let me
> know it's getting invoked, it doesn't ever write to the console.  So I
> don't know if I have to do something to enable it or what, I can't
> seem to find anything in Tomboy to suggest I have to.  Or perhaps it
> could be because I'm using treeview and there is something special
> about that (that widget, while working for me, is very confusing).  I
> guess I'll wait to hear from a GTK guru??  Please!
> P.S.  Maybe we newer guys should make notes on these common issues as
> I think having to go through other programs is a bit much for a lot of
> people.  While the documentation is pretty complete it doesn't provide
> an easy way to know how to do certain things (with all the different
> functions it is quite bewidering).  This kinda stuff needs to be in
> the wiki, so I think we could really help out there.
> Thanks,
> Clark
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