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On 1/6/06, László Monda <mondalaci at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey Buddy,
> On Thu, 2006-01-05 at 12:08 -0600, Buddy Lindsey wrote:
> > I was curios is there anything that I can read on some theory on how
> > you should layout programs using gtk-sharp?
> >
> > since I am new to software development I am not entirely sure how, or
> > what, to do on design of forms and such.  I want them to look coherent
> > and nice without useing glade.
> >
> > Is there something I can read on it or can some of you developers that
> > have been around the block give me some insight?  Also some help with
> > general how to do layout stuff in Gtk-sharp would be great.  I have
> > been playing with it, but sometimes I am disconnected from the
> > internet for hours so i can't check much documentation because I am
> > using windows. BTW I am working on converting to linux full time, but
> > it is moving slow.
> GNOME developers generally layout their GUI according to the GNOME Human
> Interface Guidelines.
> You can find it at:
> http://developer.gnome.org/projects/gup/hig/
> In this document you'll find dozens of good advices related to designing
> your GUI.
> Speaking of Glade, I think it's a really good idea using it.
> Constructing you GUI using pure Gtk# without Glade can be a serious
> pain.  Since there are not high-level widgets that automatically comply
> to the GNOME HIG, using Glade is always a good idea in my opinion.
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I'll second that with glade.  I have a little application that I have to
code the layout on part of it because of the flexibility I need and the code
can get a little ugly.  If you have a pretty static interface then you
should always use glade.  What's nice about GTK is that you can do most of
the interface in Glade and in the parts you need the extra flexbility
required by hand coding you just leave that part blank and pack in your
custom stuff.

That might be confusing but it's pretty simple as I'm a pretty big noob
myself.  To start my journey I started by looking at an application called
monotheka (http://monotheka.mdk.org.pl/).  It's a simple application and it
used sqlite so it was a good starting point for me.  If you get the source
you'll see how the author set up his glade stuff.  My application is still
too early to start showing it as an example : ) (plus I'm learning .net and
GTK# at the same time, so I don't feel confident enough on my coding

- Clark

-Clark Endrizzi
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