[Gtk-sharp-list] moving child widgets from within the container size allocate event (infiinte recursion)

Crucius, Wesley WCrucius at sandc.com
Tue Feb 28 18:01:06 EST 2006

Ok, the subject pretty much says what I'm trying to do, the problem is
that doing this:

foreach(Widget wdgt in boxFixed.Children)
  // new_x & new_y are calculated based on the initial versus present
size of the boxFixed
  //  and the initial location of each of the child widgets
  //  (that data is save in a multi-dimensional array during app
  boxFixed.Move(wdgt, new_x, new_y);

...from within the size_allocate event handler for "boxFixed" results in
infinite recursion!

Is there a way to easily turn off (and NOT queue-up) the size_allocate
events while doing this?

By the way, maybe I'm going about this all wrong...  I have a glade
based app with a Gtk.Fixed container (boxFixed).  I render an SVG based
image into an Image widget on that boxFixed and then some other Frame
widgets that need to be positioned (overlayed) relative to different
things on that SVG image.  I want to be able to re-size the main window,
thus re-sizing the (SVG) image (which I have working), then MOVE the
frame Widgets to keep them positioned at roughly the same places
relative to various "points of interest" on the SVG image.

The SVG provides a graphical representation of some physical
equipment/system elements, and the frame widgets contain labels with
data-items/values that are associated with those elements...

Any thoughts/comments/rude-remarks are greatly appreciated!

Wes Crucius

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