[Gtk-sharp-list] GStreamer and gtk# on win32

László Monda mondalaci at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 13:37:43 EST 2006

On Thu, 2006-02-16 at 18:38 -0800, Daniel Morgan wrote:
> Anyone got GStreamer to work on win32?  If yes, how did you get it to
> work?  Is there a sample gstreamer program that I could run to see
> that it works.  Maybe play a sample audio file.
> I heard there was to bindings for mono to gstreamer.  Are they
> maintained by someone?   Where do you get it?   And how do you build
> it?
> I really would love to see this because I want to build cross-platform
> audio-visual applications using mono/gtk# as the GUI.

I'm afraid you can't use GStreamer from Mono.  Probably two weeks ago, I
spoke with the GStreamer folks on IRC and they said that there are no
Mono bindings yet, so that's the current sad situation AFAIK.

However there is a video editing software, that usese GStreamer
indirectly.  I guess it binds the Gdv library which in turn wraps
GStreamer.  Despite it's not very usable for you, maybe they know more
about GStreamer Mono bindings.


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