[Gtk-sharp-list] Make Gtk# come with program

Thomas Pryds Lauritsen pryds at duckburg.dk
Sun Feb 12 16:52:48 EST 2006

Jonathan Pryor wrote:
> You need all of:
>   - The assemblies you use (gtk-sharp.dll, etc.)
>   - The .config files for those assemblies (gtk-sharp.dll.config, etc. 
>     -- and those are located in the GAC, not in the 
>     $prefix/lib/mono/gtk-sharp-2.0 directory.
>   - All "glue" libraries, e.g. /usr/lib/libgtksharpglue.so
> Because of the last one, you'll need to use a shell-script to invoke
> your program, and within that script you'll need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH
> to include the directory that contains those "glue" libraries.

Thank you a lot for your answer. It seems to have made me come further
towards the goal, indeed. However, I still get an error when trying to
run the program on the Fedora system:

[thomas at thorn DizniLogsTest]$ export
[thomas at thorn DizniLogsTest]$ mono DizniLogs.exe

Unhandled Exception: System.TypeInitializationException: An exception
was thrown by the type initializer for Gtk.Container --->
System.DllNotFoundException: gtksharpglue-2
in (wrapper managed-to-native)
Gtk.Container:gtksharp_gtk_container_get_focus_child_offset ()
in <0x0000a> Gtk.Container:.cctor ()--- End of inner exception stack
trace ---

in <0x00000> <unknown method>
in <0x0000e> Gtk.Bin:.ctor (IntPtr raw)
in <0x0002f> Gtk.Window:.ctor (WindowType type)
in <0x0000c> Gtk.Window:.ctor (System.String title)
in <0x000d6> MyProgram:.ctor (System.String[] args)
in <0x00019> MainClass:Main (System.String[] args)

I put all .dll.config and glue files in the same dir as the .exe:

[thomas at thorn DizniLogsTest]$ ls
art-sharp.dll               gtk-dotnet.dll.config
art-sharp.dll.config        gtkhtml-sharp.dll
atk-sharp.dll               gtkhtml-sharp.dll.config
atk-sharp.dll.config        gtk-sharp.dll
DizniLogs.exe               gtk-sharp.dll.config
gconf-sharp.dll             libgdksharpglue-2.so
gconf-sharp.dll.config      libgladesharpglue-2.so
gconf-sharp-peditors.dll    libglibsharpglue-2.so
gdk-sharp.dll               libgnomesharpglue-2.so
gdk-sharp.dll.config        libgtksharpglue-2.so
glade-sharp.dll             libpangosharpglue-2.so
glade-sharp.dll.config      libvtesharpglue-2.so
glib-sharp.dll              pango-sharp.dll
glib-sharp.dll.config       pango-sharp.dll.config
gnome-sharp.dll             rsvg-sharp.dll
gnome-sharp.dll.config      rsvg-sharp.dll.config
gnome-vfs-sharp.dll         vte-sharp.dll
gnome-vfs-sharp.dll.config  vte-sharp.dll.config

It seems that gtksharpglue-2 cannot be found, although (if I'm not
mistaken) it is there in the dir. So perhaps another env. variable or
something similar is needed?

> Furthermore (again, because of the glue libs), this will only work for
> Linux distros; you won't be able to use the same "bundle" with Win32, as
> you'll need the win32 glue libraries as well.

This is no problem for me.


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