[Gtk-sharp-list] Problem in using Calendar control

Murugan K kmurugan at novell.com
Thu Dec 21 04:51:20 EST 2006

Hi All, 

Greetings. I am developing an application using gtk#  and glade. I want to use Calendar and Time control together. Seems to be that ( Please correct me , If I am wrong) there is no control as like DateTime control as like as Windows. When I am using Calendar control in the expander, is altering my windows as well.  Is there any other alternative way to use this.

 If I am able to use Calendar in the expander , without affecting my window( with out growing) also fine. 

I referred http://lists.ximian.com/pipermail/gtk-sharp-list/2006-June/007222.html  link also.  As I am new to this, I will take some time to understand this. Is it the only alternative for this.  

Thanks in advance for your time to respond my first mail to this list.


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