[Gtk-sharp-list] filtering a treemodel through a thread

Goran Sterjov goran.sterjov at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 02:26:54 EST 2006

In my application i am currently filtering the treeview according to an
entry field value. However with many items in the model it gets a bit
So far i don't think its the actual filtering that is slowing it down
because once the search gets more specific its quick to show a small amount
of values. When the search starts from the first letter being entered the
application pauses until the items are shown

Thus i believe that the slowness is not the filter but rather the actual
displaying of the tree items. Is there a way to either put the filter
function into a worker thread or somehow putting the displaying of the items
in a worker thread so that the user interface doesn't jitter when they enter
a letter?

I could implement a timer like rythmbox does so that it wont jitter but i
would much prefer if i could use a worker thread as its not the only place
where i get this slow down.

Goran Sterjov
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