[Gtk-sharp-list] MessageDialog block

xbgmsharp xbgmsharp at gmail.com
Thu Dec 14 05:25:38 EST 2006

Since mono 1.2.x release, my application hangs up on MessageDialog.
After job done in thread i get back to my main window and want to show  
a MessageDialog information with stats.

The MessageDialog etheir disappear and get under the main window.

I have to press escape to get hang back my main window.
Why before it was really waiting for a user to click.

Can anyone help?

public void Info(string msg)
	MessageDialog md = new MessageDialog (this.parent, // Root Window
MessageType.Info, 								  ButtonsType.Ok, msg);
	md.WindowPosition = WindowPosition.CenterOnParent;
	md.Run ();
	md.Hide ();
	md.Dispose ();
	md.Destroy ();

Where "this.parent" is "(Gtk.Window) mainwindow.Toplevel".


Thanks for using xbgm#
Please feedback.

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