[Gtk-sharp-list] drag files to the tray icon

Maciej Jagiello himek_imp at o2.pl
Tue Dec 12 18:52:35 EST 2006

Hi, I'd like to include a feature in my application, which consists of 
dragging files(and other stuff) to it's tray icon, like Amarok's in KDE. 
Is there a way of doing it in Gtk+/Gtk#? I tried to merge libegg example 
with TestDnd.cs (gtk# sample), but it doesn't seem to invoke my 
TargetDragDataReceived event, I can drag the stuff on the icon though.
It's probably my fault missing something, still, it'd be pretty cool to 
have an example/tutorial of this feature, or even better a full tray 
icon library for mono (If there's one already I would be pretty thankful 
if you point me to it, thanks).

p.s. I'm a total newbe to Mono and GTK, thank you for your patience.

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