[Gtk-sharp-list] Help me with the first application!

Duong Nguyen duongnguyen at mail.ru
Tue Dec 5 07:54:00 EST 2006


I am a beginer in Gtk#. As read some examples from mono-website, I wrote my first simple application and try to compile with

mcs myfile.cs -pkg:gtk-sharp -pkg:glade-sharrp

the program is compiled without error, but when  I run it, no GUI is displayed, only the text from Console.WriteLine is displayed. I have setup Gtk# runtime, Mono in my computer. 

Pls help me to get to know the problem.

Thanks in advance!

using System;

using Gtk;

using Glade;

public class MainWindow


public MainWindow()


Glade.XML gxml = new Glade.XML("gui.glade", "MainWindow", "");




public class MainApplication


public static void Main(string[] args)



MainWindow mw = new MainWindow();

Console.WriteLine("You're here!");



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