[Gtk-sharp-list] Gtk# Widget.DragRecived Event bug

Milosz Tanski milosz at mindtouchsoftware.com
Thu Aug 17 18:41:23 EDT 2006

I've ran into a problem with the DragRecived event. I've enabled DND
drop on the destination widget (in my case a TreeView widget) and then
assigning a hander for the DragRecived. Yet, before the handler for
DragRecived gets called (and it does get called) I get this message:

(Drapes:14241): Gtk-WARNING **: You must override the default
'drag_data_received' handler on GtkTreeView when using models that don't
support the GtkTreeDragDest interface and enabling drag-and-drop. The
simplest way to do this is to connect to 'drag_data_received' and call
g_signal_stop_emission_by_name() in your signal handler to prevent the
default handler from running. Look at the source code for the default
handler in gtktreeview.c to get an idea what your handler should do.
(gtktreeview.c is in the GTK source code.) If you're using GTK from a
language other than C, there may be a more natural way to override
default handlers, e.g. via derivation.

Anyone else experienced this bug?

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