[Gtk-sharp-list] Gnome Panel applets API

Milosz Tanski milosz at mindtouchsoftware.com
Fri Aug 11 13:30:46 EDT 2006

Is the panel applet part going to ship with Gnome 2.16 Gtk# bindings?
Can I make a plea for the panel applet part to not ship till the next
version of gnome platform. Right now there are a couple issues that I'm
working on tackling (since my app is a PanelApplet written in C#), and
I'd like to fix a couple things before unleashing it to the world. Here
are the issues that remain (that I'm working on fixing).

 * overriding OnChangeBackground right now causes a seg fault within the
native code (I've spent lots of time to figure out this wasn't my
 * The way the menu (bonobo) verbs are done right now isn't very C#ish
 * If you have a control that you've added via the xml file to popup
panel menu right now there is no way to get an events from it, nor
interact with it. And honestly, this point hurt me the most right now.

A good reasoning for this is that the only applet that will (might) ship
with 2.16 will be Tomboy and tomboy has it's own panelapplet C# wrappers
that workaround this issue.

Holding the panelapplet part one release would give all of us time to
fix, OnChangeBackground. And for the who points, the verb wrapping and
controls in panel menus, the bonobo aspect could be totally wrapped
internally with new Objects that represent the panel menu properties
with proper C# style events. This is esp, the case for the controls in
the menu, where I'm sure we can agree that no one wants to wrap bonobo
and the gnome developers are slowly in the process of replacing bonobo
with dbus anywhere they can.

I hope the case is strong enough, at least to entertain the thought. And
lastly, I volunteer to do the work on it.



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