[Gtk-sharp-list] Changing the background and text color of a Gtk.Entry

Daniel Valcarce davamix at gmail.com
Fri Apr 28 11:15:14 EDT 2006


You can use the methods ModifyBase and ModifyText of the Widget class.

myEntry.ModifyBase(StateType.Normal, new Gdk.Color(255,0,0));
myEntry.ModifyText(StateType.Normal, new Gdk.Color(0,255,0));


El vie, 28-04-2006 a las 16:38 +0700, Agro Rachmatullah escribió:
> Is it possible to change the background and text color of a Gtk.Entry?
> If so, how?
> My intention is to make the text of a Entry red if the user enters an
> invalid input (for example "foo" on an Entry that expects an integer).
> (From hunting in Monodoc, it seems that it has to be something related
> to Gtk.Entry.Style. However the documentation is very minimal on that
> regard so I haven't made it work)
> Thanks a lot.
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