[Gtk-sharp-list] Re: [MonoDevelop] VfsNodeView

Graeme Geldenhuys graeme at mastermaths.co.za
Thu Sep 29 04:40:32 EDT 2005

Jeroen Zwartepoorte wrote:
> Well you don't need extensions for this. Since VfsNodeView uses
> gnome-vfs, any servers you are connected to in Nautilus (sftp:, ftp:,
> webdav: etc) will automatically show up in the VfsNodeView. MD
> probably needs to be changed internally so it uses gnome-vfs to open
> (remote) files.

If using your widget in MonoDevelop, how would that work under Windows? 
Is gnome-vfs available under Windows as well?  That brings me to the 
other question, is there any plans to make MonoDevelop work under 
Windows, or has that idea been scrapped?

   - Graeme -

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