[Gtk-sharp-list] Gtk.CellRendererCombo

Andrew andrew at xena.co.nz
Mon Sep 26 03:40:29 EDT 2005

My Intention was to use the installers to make application deployment easier
but no doubt by time I finish the app the installers will be using gtk# 2.6.

I have successfully built the lastest source from the svn.   The
CellRendererCombo is present and works.


Thanks for you directives.


-- Andrew



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On Mon, 2005-09-26 at 11:09 +1200, Andrew Foster wrote: 
> Is the class Gtk.CellRendererCombo implemented?  I can't find it in 
> the Gtk name space with the other cellrenderer classes.   I have tried 
> mono on linux and mono - Gtk# bundle on windows as 
> well as seperate bundle of gtk# for visual studio.  I thought I saw it 
> a few weeks ago but can't find it now. 



Those installers use gtk# 2.4 

GtkCellRendererCombo was introduced in gtk# 2.6 

You need to build your own gtk# binaries for win32. 


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